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Out of My Domain

My Father recently purchased a 1957 Chevy Bel Air and I had planned on getting him the ‘hood rockets’ that run about $198+. The bill was to be split between my brother Michael and I but, expecting his first kid soon, he pulled out at the last minute and I was left without a gift come Father’s day morning. When I saw my dad I explained my brothers’ treachery and invited him to peruse the car catalog for a gift. He did, I’ll pickup his new antenna tomorrow. He also asked for some help removing the radiator and plugging-in the new – yeah.

As a kid I was never my fathers’ first choice to do anything engine related. This was my brothers’ domain. Come to think of it I was never my fathers’ choice for anything and it all seemed to fall under my brothers’ domain. Yet I agreed and we began what became a seven hour marathon of “that doesn’t go there”, “was that part important?” and “why would you do that?” – joy. At the end we never got it done. Apparently there was a right and wrong way to remove the oil lines coming from the engine block to the radiator. Guess which we chose (smiling). My fathers’ mistake, not mine (smiling). What did work was a day with my dad. I hope to help him out more.

Happy fathers day to all the dads – and my brother too.



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